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Love is In the Water: SUP as a Dating Activity

Posted by AppsLabz Solutions Collaborator on

Sick of going to dinner and a movie for date night? Yeah, us too. As a lover of the great outdoors, you want to stay outdoors – not get holed up in a dark movie...

What to Wear When Paddleboarding

Posted by Hornet Watersports on

One of the best parts about being on the water is the freedom. The freedom to relax while you push yourself to new depths. The freedom to work your muscles without having to work your...

How to Paddle Faster on Your SUP

Posted by Hornet Watersports on

The beauty of SUP is that speed is often optional. In many case, simply being on the water is pleasure enough. In fact, many paddlers feel the slower you go, the more you can enjoy...

How to Do SUP Fishing

Posted by Hornet Watersports on

Fishing has long been a hobby known to relax and replenish the mind, soul, and spirit. Grandparents would load up grandkids in their boat, head to the middle of the lake, and teach them how...

Introducing: New Paddle Artwork in Partnership With Gareth W. Smith

Posted by Hornet Watersports on

“Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much.” - Helen Keller Have you ever found yourself scrolling mindlessly through pictures on Instagram, when one image made you stop, sit upright, and...