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Love is In the Water: SUP as a Dating Activity

Posted by AppsLabz Solutions Collaborator on
Love is In the Water: SUP as a Dating Activity

SUP as a Dating Activity

Sick of going to dinner and a movie for date night? Yeah, us too. As a lover of the great outdoors, you want to stay outdoors – not get holed up in a dark movie theater for hours. And chances are, the person you attract will feel the same way. 

If you’re looking for a shake up to your current date night (or date day) routine, consider SUP as a dating activity.

SUP is Romantic

SUP isn’t just meant for adrenaline junkies. Many people love to paddleboard on calm waters while enjoying some blissful quiet and alone time. If you choose to share this unique alone time with another person, you’re instantly showing that person just how much you care about him or her and how much you want this relationship to grow.

But to keep paddleboarding romantic, there are a few tips you should be mindful of.

Have a Destination in Mind

Paddleboarding as a duo is better when you have an end goal in mind. Once you have your meeting spot, choose a destination that the two of you can paddle to together. This can be a beach, a restaurant, or somewhere else fun. 

The key to choosing a good destination is to keep it relatively close. Consider the athleticism and passion for SUP of your date. You don’t want to pick a destination that’s 10 miles away if your date prefers to keep paddleboarding to under 5 miles at a time. If you do that, you’ll end up with a grumpy, tired, and less than enthused date at the end of your journey.

You might also want to consider events in the area. For example, if you know there will be fireworks happening in your area, check if you can watch from the water. Paddle out to where it’s safe to enjoy the fireworks and watch as your romance and the sky light up.

And remember, you’ll have to paddle back. Keeping the distance short will make your date fun without risking a level of fatigue that steals from the mood of the moment.

Bring Food

Let’s face it. Everyone is a little happier with some food in their belly. Before you set out on your paddleboard, don’t forget to pack a few snacks or a picnic lunch – especially if you’re not heading to a restaurant as your destination. 

Picnic lunches can be especially romantic if you’re choosing a calm spot on the water. The two of you will be secluded and can get in some uninterrupted alone time surrounded only by the sea life below you. This is the type of intimacy that can ratchet up a relationship and bring your romance levels to new heights. Stay on the water longer by keeping you and your date nourished. If you don’t pack food, you’ll be heading back for the shoreline sooner than you’d probably like.

Surprise Her!

Do you really want to knock the socks off your date? Surprise her with something along your route. 

This surprise can be as simple as bringing a few candles to put on your paddleboard as you enjoy your picnic lunch, or as complex as hiring someone to put together a tiki-torch lit feast for you when you arrive at a beach destination. No matter what you do, surprise your date with something unexpected. It’ll make what has become a normal activity into something extraordinary.

Paddle Your Way to Romantic Bliss

Think SUP sounds like a romantic dating activity? We do too. In fact, we’d even go as far as to bet the creators of The Bachelor might catch onto this hot trend soon too. Until then, add some fresh air, sunshine, and water to your next date by mixing up your usual habits with something a little more romantic.

Have you ever tried SUP as a dating activity? Let us hear about your experience in the comments below.

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