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‘Pull or Push’?

Posted by Hornet Team on

Coach’s Corner by Pat Bradley (World Champion National Team and Club Crew Coach) Some dragon boat coaches refer to the working part of the paddling stroke as the ‘pull phase’. Most athletes (especially newer paddlers) when...

What to Wear When Paddleboarding

Posted by Hornet Watersports on

  One of the best parts about being on the water is the freedom. The freedom to relax while you push yourself to new depths. The freedom to work your muscles without having to work...

Backyard Dragon Boating - How to make your own water tank for Dragon Boat training

Posted by Guest Post on

Guest Blog Post by Laura Thornquist Like every single dragon boat paddler I know, I was feeling very depressed about not being able to paddle. Not only was I missing my teammates, but also the...

Have you thought about getting custom paddles for your dragon boat team? Look no further!

Posted by Jared Kent on

        Hornet Watersports wants to help you make those paddles! Our amazing team of graphic artists are ready to design custom paddles for your team for FREE. All you have to do...

Dragon Boat Short Film - A collaboration between SAG1 Dragon Boat Team and Hornet Watersports

Posted by Sharon Stidham on

    As the number of dragon boat teams, paddlers and supporters continue to grow, it’s no surprise that a kinship has formed in the community around the passionate push to support and promote the...