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Founded in 2014
As innovators, tinkering in our paddle factory, we developed and launched the first full graphic carbon fiber paddles on the dragon boat market. We didn't stop there… As paddlers, we noticed a lack of accessories to enhance your paddling experience. Therefore, we launched a full collection of paddling gloves, bags, seat cushions and more. Everything a paddler would need. It didn’t stop with dragon boat either. We applied our cushion technology to rowing and kayaking. Why not? And with more tinkering, we applied our printing and graphic designs to kayak paddles. We first traveled the world attending global dragon boat races and setting up pop-up shops filled with our dragon boat products. Not only did we offer the best quality products to individuals, but we have created custom designed paddles for over 100 teams worldwide and have become the leading brand in the dragon boat community. Hornet Since the pandemic, we have continued to offer our wide array of products through our online stores and global partners. 
- The Hornet Team


All of our Hornet dragon boat paddle sides are reinforced with a proprietary material that is
5 times stronger than a normal paddle edge.
The sides are also beveled which helps to prevent chipping and cracking when hitting the
boat edge or colliding with other paddles.
The combination of these features are a perfect match for our high quality paddles.