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Welcome to Hornet Watersports' USA Online Store. 




Do you ship internationally?

No. We only ship to destinations in the USA. We have dealers in countries around the world. To find your local dealer, please visit: http://hornetwatersports.com/dealers/


How long does it take to receive an order?

We will ship out your order within 3 days. Shipping time afterwards is roughly 3 days, therefore you should receive your paddle within a week from the moment you placed your order.


Where can I order custom paddles?

To order custom paddles, please send an email to info@hornetwatersports.com


What is your warranty policy?

Hornet provides a 1 year warranty for all new purchases from the moment the paddle is sold. You must be the original buyer. We will replace paddles that are broken or damaged due to faulty manufacturing. Paddles that are damaged due to banging on the boat, impact from another paddle (and other scenarios during regular usage) or poor handling during transportation, will not be replaced. We highly recommend paddlers protect their paddle with a tip protector during marshaling periods and with a paddle bag during transportation.


What are examples of faulty manufacturing?

Hornet will analyze each broken paddle case by case. We reserve the right to make the final judgment. It is important to submit pictures of the broken paddle. As a guideline, here are examples of faulty manufacturing:

  • If a paddle breaks where the shaft meets the blade during normal usage within the first year
  • If the top layer of the blade appears to be peeling off without the appearance of impact or damage on the blade.
  • If there is significant discoloration without the appearance of impact or damage on the blade.


What happens if my paddle breaks due to faulty manufacturing?

Contact your local Hornet dealer and he will handle the warranty exchange.



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