Custom DB Paddles




At Hornet, we have the unique ability to create custom paddles for your dragon boat team. Never sacrifice quality for design. We print your custom graphic inside the blade and the paddles are covered by the Hornet warranty.

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Teams that use custom Hornet Paddles


UK Senior A Custom Paddle

UK Senior A, UK


Custom Dragon Boat Paddles Broadwater Dragons

Broadwater Dragons, Australia


Coorong Dragon Boat Custom Design

Coorong Dragons, Australia 


Hauraki Blues custom dragon boat paddle

Hauraki Blues, New Zealand


Dragon Masters Dragon Boat

Dragon Masters, Australia



Maintenance Supply, Taiwan


 Dubai Sea Dragons, UAE


Toulouse, France



 Thames Dragons, UK


Avonside dragon boat team 

 Avonside, New Zealand


 Puff Dragons

Puff Dragons, USA

Taitam X Dragons
Taitam X Dragons, Japan
Georgina Dragon Boat Club in Keswick Ontario 
Georgina Dragon Boat Club, Canada
Austin Coolers, USA
Austin Coolers, USA
 Full Pipe Dragons, Germany
Full Pipe Dragons, Germany


For more information about custom paddles, please send us an email at:

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