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Introducing: New Paddle Artwork in Partnership With Gareth W. Smith

Posted by Hornet Watersports on
Introducing: New Paddle Artwork in Partnership With Gareth W. Smith

New Paddle Artwork in Partnership with Gareth W. Smith

“Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much.” - Helen Keller

Have you ever found yourself scrolling mindlessly through pictures on Instagram, when one image made you stop, sit upright, and take notice? That’s what happened when Jason, one of our partners at Hornet Watersports, saw the artwork of Gareth W. Smith on Instagram.

Take a look at his feed and you’ll see why we were instantly impressed. His designs are intricate, yet simple. There’s flow and color, combined with a subdued, natural look. Although unique, what’s more impressive is where he lets his artwork take on a life of its own – on surfboards. 

When the entire Hornet Watersports team saw Gareth’s masterpieces, we knew we had to reach out. There was a collaboration brewing and now, we’re excited to announce that this collaboration has come to fruition. More about that in a little bit, but first, we want to introduce the newest and first artist partner.

Meet Gareth

Artist Gareth W. Smith with a surfboard

Gareth is a self-proclaimed “surfboard builder & shaper, artist, father, partner, teacher, surfer & inhabitant of wollongong.” 

As a lifelong surfer, he has spent countless days on, in, or near the water. From an early age, he knew he had a passion for the sport of surfing. When he wasn’t in the ocean, Gareth found himself with an incessant need to draw. Today, he’s living what he affectionately calls, “his dream” by building his quiver of surfboards and using these blank canvases to display his artwork. 

Gareth hasn’t always been an artist, though. After receiving his degree in History, he spent many years as an art teacher. It was in this role that he fine tuned his ability to craft, build, and shape surfboards that doubled as an expression of himself. 

Today, Gareth gets in the ocean as much as possible. It’s here that he draws inspiration, which is perhaps why we were so drawn to his work.

“I love being able to produce and make boards for myself and the art to me is an extension product, be it board or paddle,” Gareth says.

How Can You Get a Piece of His Artwork?

Hornet Watersports has the technology to print graphics on paddles. When we discovered the intricate designs of Gareth’s, we knew there was an outstanding opportunity to collaborate and create impressive works of art that were also highly functional.

JAWS Rubber Edge SUP paddle from the Artist Series

Now, we’re proud to offer two SUP paddles and one dragon boat paddle (coming soon) designed by Gareth.

To bring these prints to life on some of our top SUP paddles, we print directly on the carbon fiber before the paddle is made in the mold. This Direct Carbon Printing is a powerful process that enables us to protect the integrity of both the paddle and the design. 

CRUSH Rubber Edge SUP Paddle

JAWS Rubber Edge SUP Paddle Details

What Design Would You Put on an SUP or Dragon Boat Paddle?

We’re always looking for new ways to personalize paddles. If you’re an artist with a passion for the water, we’d love to hear from you. Or, if you have a team, school, or business that would benefit from having customized paddles, we can help. Learn more at

Artist Series Dragon Boat Paddles

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