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Silicone Case for the LifeStraw Water Filter


  • A Superior, More Functional Design: Our silicone skin cover for the LifeStraw is a sleek and functional way to carry and protect your LifeStraw. It is designed to fit perfectly over the LifeStraw water filter straw. (FILTER STRAW NOT INCLUDED, THIS ITEM IS A SILICONE CASE) 
  • Easy To Use: Simply lift the bottom and top portion of the case to use the straw. Once finished, place the ends of the case back over the ends of the LifeStraw. It’s that simple! You do not need to remove the LifeStraw from the case.
  • On-The-Go!: The silicone case includes an aluminum carabiner clip which allows you to attach it to a backpack or belt-loop for a hands-free experience. Water filters are an essential survival outdoor tool for anyone venturing out into the wild. Protect this vital product from damage and harsh impacts with our silicone cover. 
  • Patent Pending Design: The first of its kind to be designed specifically to encase a LifeStraw. Ribs in the design provide a comfortable secure grip. (THIS CASE WILL NOT FIT ON THE MEMBRANE SOLUTIONS STRAW, IT IS DESIGNED FOR THE LIFESTRAW ONLY)
  • Silicone MaterialMade of durable silicone, this material is easy to clean, flexible and can be recycled several times under the right conditions. It is dishwasher safe for deep cleaning.