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Graphic Fiberglass Multi Functional Kayak Paddle (Green Scale Design)


Hornet Watersports Graphic Fiberglass Kayak Paddle- Ideal for Touring, Fishing and Boating- 90.5 inches / 230CM Adjustable with Carbon Fiber Shaft



  • GRAPHIC DESIGN: The blade’s power face has a striking double-sided fish scale design, which shows through on the blade’s transparent backface. The other side is reinforced with fiberglass for maximum durability and a sleek look. The dihedral blade shape is ideal for efficiently pulling water.


  • DURABLE AND LIGHTWEIGHT: The paddle blade is made of durable Fiberglass, while the shaft is a mix of light carbon fiber and fiberglass. This combination gives an optimal flex for your paddling session, whether you’re out for a leisurely ride or for a hard workout. The construction of the blade is designed for maximal impact resistance. The paddle weighs 26 oz. (737 grams) and comes with two drip rings to prevent water from getting in your kayak.


  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL: The midsize blade of this paddle is ideal for touring, kayak fishing and any type of recreational paddling. The paddle is designed for paddlers of all skill levels.


  • ADJUSTABLE SHAFT: The kayak paddle has a straight shaft and measures 90.5” (230 CM). The adjustable mechanism can extend the paddle to 94.5” (240 CM). The angle of the blade can be changed and adjusted from 0 to 60 degrees. The paddle allows for blade feathering in increments of 15 degrees. The paddle breaks down into two parts making it easy to transport and store away.


Rainbow Blue Green Scales
BLADE MATERIAL Fiberglass Fiberglass
SHAFT MATERIAL Carbon Fiber/ Fiberglass blend Carbon Fiber/ Fiberglass blend
WEIGHT 26 oz. (737 grams) 26 oz. (737 grams)
BLADE SIZE 6.25 x 18 in. (16 x 46 cm.) 6.25 x 18 in. (16 x 46 cm.)