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Hornet Kayak Paddle - Blue Scales

$229.99 $229.99

Are you looking for a kayak paddle that is a high performance, lightweight, durable, and easy to transport? Look no further. Weighing at only 26 oz., the Hornet kayak paddle  is much lighter than the typical plastic and aluminum kayak paddles you find elsewhere.

Paddling in a river, ocean, or lake? This kayaking paddle will get you there. Whether you are paddling with an inflatable kayak, angler kayak, or other recreational vessel, this design will make you stand out!

The Hornet kayak paddles ar made of durable carbon fiber and fiberglass, which creates an optimal flex for your paddling session, whether you’re out for a leisurely ride or for a hard workout.

Weighing in at 26 Oz. our paddle is one of the lightest on the market.

Design: The blade’s power face has a beautiful turtle design while the backside side is reinforced with fiberglass for maximum durability.

Direct Print: The graphic is not a sticker, it is printed directly on the blade and will not come off.

Material: Carbon Fiber and Fiberglass

Adjustable Shaft: 90.5” (230 CM) to 94.5” (240 CM)

Blade Rotation: 0 to 60 degrees

Blade Feathering: Allows in increments of 15 degrees

Weight: 26 oz.

2 Drip Rings

*Note: Paddle breaks down into 2 parts to allow for easy storage in our Hornet Kayak Paddle Bag.

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