Rowing and Sculling Anti Slip Seat Pad - Anti-slip and Increases Comfort

Vendor: Hornet Watersports
  • MADE FOR ROWING : This cushion was designed to fit most carbon fiber seats
  • ANTI-SLIP TECHNOLOGY : Both sides of the cushion are covered with a new, extra-strong anti-slip fabric, so it's able to stay in place during intense races and training
  • SPORTS GRADE SBR CORE : The combination of SBR and neoprene in this cushion gives just the right amount of firmness and support during rowing sessions
  • DIMENSIONS :  12” L x  7” W x 0.5” Thick

The Sculling and Rowing Non-Slip Seatpad by Hornet Watersports has unique silicone screen printing on both sides of the cushion which makes it stay in place even if your bottom or the surface is wet. It greatly increases back and bottom comfort and makes your rowing sessions much more enjoyable thanks to the SBR core. It is designed for frequent use and is easy to clean. Available in black with black silicone printing and  one size fits all. The perfect accessory to compliment your rowing oars, gloves, and rowing gear.


Sculling Rowing Cushion by Hornet Watersports

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