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Get the Right Rowing Cushion to Save Your Bum

Posted by Hornet Watersports on
Get the Right Rowing Cushion to Save Your Bum

Learn to choose the best rowing cushion for you

When it comes to working out, comfort is essential. Minimizing and removing excuses that get between you and your workout is important, especially when you’re used to taking a seat on a Concept 2 rowing machine. Pain while rowing often develops in two places: your lower back and your butt.

“Lower-back pain usually results from improper form,” explains Neil Totton, an instructor at CityRow in New York City. “Weak abdominal muscles can cause rowers to overcompensate in the lower spine, which can lead to lower-back pain.”

Once you have your form down on an indoor rowing machine, the one place that you can still develop discomfort is your butt, which is commonly known as rower’s bum. Though some might slide onto their Concept 2 rowing machine without hesitation, despite the pain, most of us want a pain relief solution.

What a Pain in The Rear

The problem with most rowing machines is that they are built to be one size fits all. This creates a fundamental problem for anyone without a perfectly average-sized butt.

Even the slightest misfit, being too big or too small for the seat, can lead to pain. This is due to the combination of your entire weight resting on your butt while your gluteal muscles work as the primary muscle group for powering the leg driving motion. By pivoting back and forth over your tailbone, butt, and sitting bone during the exercise, it's possible to quickly become uncomfortable or even find yourself in pain.

There are several ways to manage rower’s bum, such as stretching, proper positioning, and proper form. However, the easiest way to deal with a sore butt from rowing is by simply buying a good seat cushion or seat pad.

A Standard Cushion

A Hornet Watersports’ standard cushion, made out of flexible polyurethane foam, can make a huge difference to your comfort level when rowing. This is the same foam that you’ll find in many mattresses, upholstered furniture, and car seats. It’s designed to support your weight and, in this case, protect your bum.

The standard cushion is designed specifically for the Concept 2 rowing machine and is thinner than the rest of the pads from Hornet Watersports. However, their commitment to your comfort and success is not compromised, even when it comes to the standard offering. Unless you have specific needs, this is usually a good cushion to start with, starting at a very reasonable price.

Get your Rowing Machine Seat Cushion here for $29.99!

Going the Distance

The high-performance designed anti-slip rowing machine cushion was created with the long-haul in mind. No matter how hard you’re pushing yourself, the anti-slip silicone printing will keep your bum in place and allow you to focus on the burn in your legs and keeping your core tight (you don’t want that back pain sneaking in on you).

Also designed for the Concept 2 rowing machine, this pad is thick, but not too thick. More than an inch of cushion risks too much change to your rowing motion. So, in order to provide the most comfort without damaging your form, Hornet Watersports put in the necessary time and money into research and development. We found that the combination of SBR and neoprene provides firm support as you pivot back and forth over your tailbone, thus providing pain relief.

If you’re committed to your rowing machine workouts with the goal of putting in multiple sessions a week or even if you’re new to the activity and want to provide ample protection, this is probably the best cushion for you.

Additionally, with two variations of this cushion available, you’re more likely to find one that perfectly fits your backside. Choice from either the standard cushion size (11.4" x 9" x 0.5") or the extra large (13" x 10.2" x 0.63").

Get your Anti-slip Rowing Machien Cushion for Concept 2 machine here for $29.99!

Built for Comfort

Some do like them thick, which is why Hornet Watersports released a cushion that has nearly 2-inches padding for the Concept 2 rowing machine. Yes, this will have an impact on your form, but if you’re a recreational rower and a sore butt is keeping you out of the saddle, then sacrificing a little on your form is not a problem.

Made with Hornet memory foam, this extra-thick cushion is built with anti-slip silicone printing on the bottom and top. It’s also made a bit wider to ensure your stability.

Get your Memory Foam Cushion for Concept 2 machine here for $34.99!


Get the Right Rowing Cushion to Save Your Bum

There’s no need for rowing to be a pain in your butt. By selecting the right rowing machine cushion for your needs, you can create a workout experience that will let you focus on the most important parts of your form as you strive to become a better, stronger you.

Contact the team at Hornet Watersports to see which of our cushions is going to save your butt.

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