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Champlain College Design Competition

Posted by Hornet Watersports on
Champlain College Design Competition

In November, 2017, Hornet Watersports partnered with the student group AIGA, the professional association for design at Champlain college to launch a friendly SUP  paddle design competition.

The guidelines were broad to encourage participants to get their creative juices flowing. They were told they could use whatever medium they like, including but not limited to paintings, drawings, pictures collages etc.

They were given the following outline:

 Paddle Design Outline

We received numerous submissions, and it was tough to select the top three designs.

Here were the top three designs selected by the Hornet team

In third place, Minta Williams from Denver, CO.

We liked the creativity behind this design. The top portion looks like water flowing down and turning into a hip juxtaposition design. For this beautiful design, Minta Williams has won a $50 gift card to Sneakers Bistro in Burlington, VT.

 Champlain College Design Competition - 3rd Place - Minta Williams


In second place, Maria Trias from Newton, MA

We like the futuristic look of this paddle. It gave the impression of the matrix meets water. Technology meets H20. For finishing in second place, Maria Trias received a  $50 gift card to Penny Cluse Cafe in Burlington, VT.

 Champlain College Design Competition 2nd Place Maria Trias



The first place and winner of the competition is from Amy Hur, an exchange student from New Zealand.

We just loved this design. It’s fun, colorful and exciting. Everytime we look at it, it seems we notice a new aspect or item within the design.

Champlain College Design Competion Winner Design Amy Hur

For winning the contest, Amy received a  $200 gift card and will receive her own custom Hornet SUP paddle with the winning design. Megan Charles of AIGA said Amy is a very hard worker and extremely talented.

Champlain College Design Competition Amu Hur - the Winning Design

Hornet Watersports would like to thank everybody at AIGA, especially Megan for all her help organizing this contest. We hope to do more work with AIGA in the future.

 AIGA Champlain College Student Group

About AIGA

AIGA, the professional association for design, sets the national agenda for the role of design in economic, social, political, cultural and creative contexts. Its mission is to advance designing as a professional craft, strategic tool and vital cultural force.

Champlain's AIGA Student Group aims to bring student designers together to interact, assist, and compete with one another while creating a stronger design community. We annually invite a designer to visit (this year it was Amy Nicole Schwartz, the designer for Cards Against Humanity),  and we go on trips to other cities to see gallery shows and speakers.

For more information, visit

Champlain College 

About Champlain College


Champlain College is a private, co-educational undergraduate college in the U.S. city of Burlington, Vermont. Founded in 1878, Champlain offers traditional undergraduate and online undergraduate courses, along with online certificate and degree programs and master's degree programs, in more than 80 subject areas. Champlain enrolls 2,000 undergraduate students from 41 states and 22 countries. (Source: Wikipedia)

For more information, visit:

 Hornet Watersports

About Hornet Watersports

Hornet Watersports is a designer and manufacturer of aquatic sporting products. We strive to produce the most technologically advanced products in our field. We manufacture dragon boat paddles, stand up paddling (SUP) paddles, kayak and rowing products. We combine our high quality paddles with the graphic designs and styles that professional and recreational athletes want. Our dragon boat paddles are IDBF certified and the quality of our SUP paddles will exceed the requirements of any seasoned pro. Jason from the Hornet team is an alumnus from Champlain College.

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  • Helen Robinson on

    Its feel good to see the winning design, this is really awesome paddle design, water sporters will proud to saw the paddle design, every college should arrange like this competition, and its great motivation for them to watersports.

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