Protective Cover for The Concept 2 Rowing Machine

Vendor: Hornet Watersports
rowing machine protective cover
  • ABOUT: Designed to fit the most popular Concept2 rowing machine models C/D. The cover is made to fit perfectly over the rowing machine and measures 105" long, and 35" at its tallest height and narrowing to a 14" height. It is made of a strong durable canvas material with a zip pocket to store your gloves or cushion.


  • PROTECT YOUR ROWER: Our rowing machine cover protects your concept2 rower from dirt, dust, UV light, moisture and scratches. In the long run, your machine will work better and stay in better condition protected from the elements.


  • EASY TO USE: The cover's sturdy snaps secure the cover over the machine for a snug fit and better protection of your erg machine.




You have spent your hard earned dollars on a state of the art exercise machine. Protecting your rower with our cover will increase your rowing machine's lifetime value by protecting it from dirt, dust, UV light, moisture and scratches.


  • Push down your Concept 2 PM monitor
  • Slide the cover over the Concept 2 rower 
  • Close the plastic snaps to keep the cover tightly over the rower 
  • Store in a dry place away from humidity to keep your Concept 2 machine in the best condition  


  • Designed to fit Concept 2 model D, and Concept 2 model C rowing machines
  • Made of strong durable canvas material
  • Measures 105" long, 35" at its tallest height and narrowing to a 14" height


The Hornet rowing machine cover is the perfect accessory to add to your collection. Along with rowing gloves, concept 2 phone holder and your rowing machine seat cushion, you will be all set for a lifetime of indoor rowing sessions.

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